Taurus Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 25th April

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Stars are having a wild party in the sky, and today they won't send you as much energy as they should, so you'll have to use up your stock.

While you find yourself you'll get a strong yet freezing cold personality, and you won't allow anyone to get close to you, not even your beloved.

You'll be told you're distant, arrogant and imposing, so you'll have to take it down a notch bit by bit if you don't want to create conflict.

Other times you've been very skilled and knowledgeable in these sort of circumstances, so try not to make this Wednesday the exception.

Don't neglect things, don't become a negative, rough human being. Control your manners without your partner having to give you a wake-up call.

With your family, you'll have to watch out for a younger relative, possibly a Virgo, who's going through a complicated personal issue and who would feel great by venting out on you.


Even if your heart's a mess, you're lucky enough to be okay with your finances, according to the Magic Horoscope's predictions.

There might even be some lucky shot: a bonus or raise, gifts and discounts, or even some extra income.

Avoid inconsistent speculations, because that risky business won't go anywhere, and don't trust people who offer you impossible explanations, especially if you haven't asked them.


Be very careful when you're riding vehicles today, Taureans, you could get a scare. Especially with two-wheelers, like motorbikes or bicycles.

Have a relaxing cup of tea with some lime or valerian, because your nerves will be running high today, and that's why your mood may be volatile.

If you don't slow it down and take things differently, you'll be very likely to end your day with a massive headache.