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Taurus Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 21st February by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday 21st February
Taurus Daily Horoscope |


This Wednesday, stars have decided to make you lose balance in love. You'll be facing an uphill battle, but you'll also be taking a long and fun way down.

Things aren't only black or white; there's not just all shades of grey in the middle, an event can be black, white and grey all at the same time. A bittersweet sensation.

Now it's your turn, Taurus, to know which colour and flavour is for you. Sometimes bad things can be really bad, but good things are definitely better.

In the next few days, it's the birthday of one of your closest friends or relatives. Surprise them with an unexpected visit, it'll be their best present.


You will receive a work proposal where you can choose one of two paths. Don't think twice and put your bets on anything related to technology and innovative communication systems. That's the Magic Horoscope's prediction.

If you own a business, you should be more sensible. Sometimes you can go slightly over the top, as if you were a king or queen.

To avoid ending the month with a headache, reduce your lifestyle to the very basics and live only with what you need to survive.


If you need to get away from certain negative vibes around you, burn some incense at home. There's cones with different herbs that you can easily find for an affordable price.

You're starting to get active in order to be a bit more muscular. Congratulations on the progress trail you've left behind!

To boost your metabolism you could use some tips and tricks, like adding ice to all your drinks. The body does extra work to warm those liquids up, and it burns a lot of calories to do that.

When eating, don't rule out carbohydrates. Someone has taught you to hate them, and you shouldn't forget to include some of them into your diet.

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