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Within your heart you still have the remains of an old story, like someone guarding a valuable treasure.

It's time to empty that box and rip off all remains of pain. The time has come for change.

Hold your head high and fly into the horizon, it's waiting for you. The higher you fly, the closer you'll be to the sun, and the more you'll feel its warmth. Also, you'll forget about the cold.

Soon those voices will stop talking to you when you're alone, and you'll give yourself to a flourishing new love around the corner.

The best is yet to come; remember to tell yourself that every morning when you leave the house. And if you need it, write it on a little sign on your door.


Today's the last day of the month, so you should think about a strategy to save some money before March comes up.

Think about carrying out the wildcard note technique, which means that every time you put a note into your wallet, you'll take it out of there and put it in your savings bank.

Get used to carry large notes (for example, 50 pounds); they're harder to exchange, and you don't usually exchange them to buy cheap items.

And when you do exchange, choose a specific note (the 5-pound one, for example), and every time you get one, take it out of your wallet and send it straight into your savings.


Dear Taureans, you still can't sleep well. And you know that for an adult, a good night's sleep is synonymous to good concentration and memory.

Of course you can't sleep the way you did before; as years go by the production of growth hormone decreases, so the need for deep sleep also changes.

Get used to drink relaxing teas (or some other natural remedy, like valerian pills), and you'll still get your body used to repairing any cell damage it has taken during the day.

Beyond tiredness, sleep deprivation can turn into depression, as well as attention and memory issues.