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This Wednesday, you'll prove you're a radical lover thirsty for life.

Wanting to get everything quick can be fun and passionately exciting, although this excitement may be faded and even sort of frustrating.

The Magic Horoscope predicts that today you'll know how to get rid of what's blocking your path, both in love and the rest of your life, and there will be no room for unhappiness.

Taureans, it's increasingly clear for you that you like to stick to the basics, and your liveliness pushes you to experience your relationship physically to the fullest, because to you that's crucial. But don't forget about the warmth of a loving heart, okay?


You've got a great chance ahead, because Lady Luck has set her eyes on you.

Today you're in for winning a raffle or contest, especially if you participate showing your art or one of your many talents.

Those Taureans in the world of communication and journalism, or the show business in general, should pay close attention.

There may be trouble with workmates or people with whom we have some sort of work relationship (perhaps even a client) because of a certain sense of bluntness when saying things.

Don't listen to your impulse and count to ten before you scream something out loud; let it go, it's best for everyone.


How long has it been since you last went into the kitchen ready to experiment with new recipes which are interesting and good for you?

Try making something simple and nutritious, like a veggie tartare, where you include detox foods like broccoli or garlic, and play around with imagery when serving the dish, to enjoy it with your eyes as well.

Give yourselves the goal of going under the sun a bit more today, to absorb vitamin D, the micronutrient which promotes your calcium and phosphorus absorption in your bowels and kidneys.