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Taurus Forecast for Wednesday 18th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |



The stars encourage you to renew your love life, and to do so following your gut instinct.

You're well aware that for you, a relationship needs to follow and include a spirit of constant progress and change, where there's no standstills on the road.

Your peculiar and unique sense of humour helps you overcome minor love tests today. Your partner has great social responsibility, and it seems they care more about others than about you.

You know that isn't true, but you'll be a bit jealous about it.

Learn to lose that feeling, and if you can't, at least make it look like you aren't jealous at all.


You've noticed that you've been letting go with the flow for a while. But that's over! It's time to close this chapter and end excess.

Under Uranus' drive, you'll find a fighting spirit and initiative to end excessive spending.

Great positive events are soon to come, but you'll have to do some work for them to happen.

The stars will be gentle and attentive to you regarding money, and you'll manage to close off some good deals which will noticeably influence your savings, although not automatically.

Some friends will try to make your work look poor; don't trust anyone, not even your most trusted acquaintances.


Manage your time more wisely, because you're losing your life quality by wasting hours on end on useless pursuits like social networks or certain leisurely habits, such as playing videogames.

You can't let those activities overtake other life interests which are much more practical, such as shopping for groceries, among others.

You shouldn't lose your mind over this either just yet; maybe the problem is that there's something much bigger hidden behind all of this. But this matter needs to be fairly assessed.