Taurus Daily Horoscope
Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Melancholy will seep through each and every pore in your skin, every inch of your body, reminiscing the past.

It won't be about someone you used to love (or who used to love you in return), but about different forms of love, like the one coming from someone in your family who is no longer around.

Do you know it's perfectly acceptable to be invaded by that feeling every now and then, as long as it's for the best, right, Taureans?

If you're single, the Magic Horoscope points out that today you'll become an expert at love at first sight, in such a way you'd never lived before.


Mars will help you combine caution and courage in an intelligent way for your finances.

Listen to your boosted intuition, and you'll be perfectly aware of what you should and shouldn't spend money on.

Get updated with the payments of all rates and monthly rates you need to pay off every month, and see if you could have skipped any of them if you had been less of a spender in the past.

Are you well-versed in art or antiques? According to the Magic Horoscope there's a special period coming for native Taureans who want to purchase vintage paintings or furniture, with which to trade and make some good money.


Venus' transition is pretty beneficial for Taureans, and it will help you get back in shape if you're coming out of stressful or exhausting times.

Those who have a long-term illness will feel some improvement today, according to the star readings. What's more, you could even find a new treatment to ease the pain even more.

Just to be sure, be careful with gluttony and bingeing when sitting down to eat (or walking to the fridge).

Be measured and calm, because otherwise your stomach could weaken itself, and that can affect your overall health, and even your ability to focus when carrying out other tasks.