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Why are you suspecting your partner more than you should in such a way that borders on inquisition?

All you'll do is make your significant other uncomfortable and hostile, perfectly understandably so!

You obviously know that, to live a harmonious partnered life, trust is essential. In fact, there's no other choice.

Try to avoid showing you're jealous, for the sake of both of you, and try to have a conversation where you can both express freely and calmly your wishes of improvement of the path you're walking on together.

Besides, within your family there'll be less tension, and you'll also manage to come closer to someone to whom you haven't talked much.


You've got this inner anxiety you're trying to settle through consumerism; in fact, you're more attracted than ever to beautiful things.

Try not spending more than you can, because falling into debt because of something you don't really need is the last thing you need, Taureans. Pay attention to the Magic Horoscope's advice to avoid making the wrong choice.

Today, your race towards career success will fall at a standstill, as if someone had taken you off the driving wheel.

Don't despair about that, Taureans, because you'll be able to explore new expansion opportunities on pathways you hadn't thought of exploring.

No one, nothing, can drive you away from your goals. Good on you!


The first thing to do for your health is to fight back that dangerous trend of yours of ruining your life with issues that aren't that serious.

Stop seeing monsters where there's only shadows, because your childish times are well gone by now.

The current star arrangement won't affect your health, but you can feel some temporary pains on your limbs and joints. However, it won't be serious, and there's no need to see your doctor.

Are you a fan of DIYs or arts and crafts? Then, be very careful, because the Magic Horoscope signals there may be an accident coming.