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Stop bragging about your strong and balanced emotional control, because you'll lose your temper this Wednesday.

You'll have one of those complex trance instances when the boundaries between love and friendship are truly blurred after a friend shares their feelings towards you.

Do you really think they could be your partner, your travelling companion? Or just a transition partner until you find someone better?

Think seriously about what you're going to do if you don't want to leave traces of a broken heart behind you.

Still, what if they actually were the travelling partner you've wanted for so long and was standing in front of you all this time?


Isn't it the time to get yourselves a treat with the money you've kept away or received not long ago?

You always think that people should love themselves more, and hey, today's the day to prove it by getting yourself something nice.

Still, spend money wisely, and try to make use often of what you buy, so that you can feel it's actually practical and you can congratulate yourself on a purchase well made.

Try not having arguments at work with Arians, because they may be more right than you'd want them to. That way you'll save yourself from being upset.


Your back has been overloaded lately, and your sleep patterns aren't good either. In fact, dozing off on the couch is something you know isn't good for you.

If you're Taureans prone to sleeping in a foetal position (that is, on your side), you can improve your sleep if you bend your legs slightly and put a pillow between them.

Exercising can help out as well, because a proper muscular system on your back is your best ally in avoiding pain.

While you're at it, the rest of your body will benefit from physical activity, which isn't too bad of an idea.