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There's no tutorials on the perfect loving reunion. Too sad, isn't it?

Trying to rebuild a love story that blew off like the roof of a barn under a hurricane is tough, both for the person who broke up and the one who was broken up with.

This Wednesday, the shadow of a reunion looms over Taureans, and according to the stars, it will take great skills for everything to go smoothly.

If you come back to someone you used to love, think that neither you nor them are the same; experience has made both of you grow, and perhaps you may be taking different paths.

Talk to your loved ones about whatever decision you're about to make, and pay close attention to their advice.


You stood right in front of the dragon and got real scared about your finances; you saw your financial safety suddenly coming crashing down, and you noticed you would have to start making by with very little.

Things seem to have improved, but the question from the universe now is... have you learned your lesson, Taureans, or are you back into your old ways?

You need to get lots of experience and life wisdom from times of uncertainty, and to use them in your new reality. What comes along easily could go away with a gust of air. You've been warned.


Your joints and especially your knees, will be your main issue today, especially if you live in areas with sudden temperature changes. You know that this isn't very good for your bones, right?

Try not to move too much, and even if it's hard, find the help of your family, your children, even that friend of yours who feels like a brother or sister.

It's okay to accept your weaknesses, Taureans; in fact, they enlarge your spirit and represent a model to others hiding their flaws or disabilities.