Taurus Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Stars in the Magic Horoscope say today won't be the best day for your heart, Taurus.

You'll experience a great deal of melancholy and you'll mistake things you've lived for things you would have wanted to experience, and which you didn't do out of fear and shyness.

You need to understand that each person loves differently, and love is lived under a different light when you're 16 instead of 47.

And it's no better or worse, just different, so you need to learn to enjoy every stage of life and taste their pleasures.

Your fears are just stones you set on your path, so stop making your pathway difficult.


Sometimes you can't set limits between a whim and a need.

You're doing something wrong to avoid spending too much money, and not only you, but your health as well, will come out harmed.

What do you need? Changing sofas because of back pain? A new office chair? Getting rid of your old, slow computer? Something for your car?

Check how much money you're investing in unnecessary things, and set things straight sensibly.

You need to set priorities on your money, especially when it comes to your welfare. Don't play games on that, Taureans.


How's your health, Taureans? Not too good, right?

Your usual answer is to say you're hurting somewhere, some part of your body is not responding the way it should, or you don't sleep well enough.

However, you don't usually mention that you don't do all the things you can to feel better.

You take the medication your doctor prescribes whenever you deem it appropriate, and you're always looking for excuses, like for example stomach pains or no effect whatsoever.

Same thing happens with vitamins. Why don't you take vitamin supplements every morning, and try to start complaining less?