Taurus Daily Horoscope
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Passion will run through your veins again today, so be willing to give the best of you. You'll bring sexuality back into the spotlight after a period of oblivion.

Your partner's easy to be influenced by others' opinions, and they need to share the concerns on their mind.

Your maturity will allow you to give them timely advice to smile more than they do now.

There's some ongoing tension in your family because of an emotional conflict, perhaps a break-up.

Stay cautious, no matter how much the story affects you, and don't give your opinion even if you're asked to.

You don't need to make things worse, because the fire's already too bright.


Today you'll get a wake-up call at work, because you need to know and accept your limits.

You tend to overload yourself with work, without letting anyone help you, and you say you can do it all. However, the results beg to differ.

You know your limits, and if you can set them the right way you'll get better results.

You need to start working on your professional weaknesses. You won't turn them into strengths, but at least you'll be able to cover them up in a controlled environment.


Cheer up, Taureans, tomorrow the week is halfway done!

To improve your mood you need to reconnect with your feelings, in order to see the bright side of life and to promote your self-confidence.

Turn the TV off, because you've got it running on the background to keep you company; try to make your home an enriching, beautiful place.

Why don't you try to live life like a game instead of an impossible challenge? In fact, play with your loved ones a game of checkers or cards, and let nostalgia engulf you in bliss.