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Taurus Magic Horoscope for This Coming Wednesday, March 7th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Wednesday
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Your partner wants to talk to you, but they don't know how. And you know what they want to say, and you're afraid to hear it from them.

Stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to take the first step, so that your partner opens up and talks about it.

Something as simple, yet so complex, as the basis of your relationship.

Your partner doesn't really know their space, they have some dependency which they don't know whether to correct or not, and sometimes, they don't know how your love story works.

It's a good day to sit down and talk openly about whatever you want. Cheating, nervousness, friends, whether you need to do more things together and how to do them.

You'll understand each other, and you'll come to remember why you're still together.


Good news, Taureans! You don't expect it just yet, but you can start saying goodbye to financial issues.

You'll finally get rid of your concerns with money; at least, for the time being.

Take this chance to see what your family needs or doesn't need, in case you can help in accordance to your status.

This doesn't mean you should stop working hard, but use the feeling that the universe gives you today to be more trustful to the abundance of life so that everything flows better.

Keep calm and don't act too fast when negotiating, especially if you're changing companies in general supplies (power, water, phone).


Sleep continues to be your greatest struggle. You're dreaming of falling into Morpheus' arms once and for all, which would allow you to rest better.

If you've resorted to sleep aids once in a while, it's time to start panicking a little bit, dear Taureans.

These pills have a tremendous addictive effect, which your doctor probably told you about when he prescribed them to you, and this risk is one of their most spread side effects.

Don't abuse them, because a continuous intake makes your body tolerant to them.

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