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Taurus Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 23rd May

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Wednesday
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Have you done progress in getting closer to your dream date, who's dreamy because of their bossy side?

You'll be kind of moody this Wednesday, and greatly influenced by others' opinions.

Even if nobody asks, it seems that everyone knows what's good and bad for you in life, and how they'd act if they were in your shoes.

It's so simple to talk about others, yet so hard to take that advice for yourself.

Only you, Taureans, know what pulls your heart down, how it broke in the past and how long it took to stick back the broken pieces.

Don't be afraid of living or enjoying yourself. Seize the day.


A very cheeky friend will ask you for a small loan, something they've done before.

You don't usually have trouble with that, and you'll accept, but suggest him to sign some document where they assume their debt.

It isn't the first time they owe you money and then pay it off in small fees, and you perfectly know they've considered something paid off when there was still a little money left to pay.

At work today, you should prepare your work station well, and make everything clear and accessible, so that you don't have trouble when trying to find some papers that you'll need as the day goes by.

As hard as it is, try not to mistake emotions for feelings, and friendship for companionship.


Be very careful about any daily items you use for your health, such as medications.

Remember to keep them somewhere dry and clean. Agents like steam or sudden temperature changes could spoil them.

Loving yourself is hard, but it's just as bad to love yourself too much. Ego issues can also give you headaches.

Try to keep your feet on the ground and don't look over the shoulders of anyone else.