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Friday February 2nd Taurus Stars Prediction

Taurus: Your Star Sign Revelations
Taurus Daily Horoscope |


You feel like the Lone Ranger crossing the Wild West with nothing or no one on sight. Both single and in a relationship, you're starting off the month with the feeling that loneliness is your only friend in love, and this will obviously bring a sense of restlessness upon you.

For those in a relationship, this situation will feel quite desperate, because there's nothing worse than that. Haven't you come to think that maybe it was you who created that desert?

The pictures we make for ourselves aren't always needed; make an effort and try to get closer to the other person and to find help and shelter in your friends and family if you're single.


That loneliness will be reflected at work in the most peculiar way. Even though teamwork is the core of your office environment, you'll want to do things by yourself and be as independent as possible, which can get you in trouble.

You'll feel insulted about having someone meddle into your business, because you couldn't be any more vulnerable. You're not in the psychologist's office: you can't open up your heart to a stranger.

If people think you're vulnerable, someone may try to take advantage. There's great competition, even more so in your section, where the big fish don't think twice about eating up the little ones. Leave your childish self behind and behave more professionally.


What's curious about this sea of feelings is, you could have avoided it if you hadn't held things in for so long. There were a few signs which warned you about the problems of giving in so much and not setting any limits.

Holding things in this much takes its toll on everyone. If you can, get your hands on an aquamarine stone. Used by sailors as a lucky charm, it helps to ease emotional burdens, puts your mind and heart to rest, and helps you get rid of tension and stress. It also brings back its owner's confidence, which is something you need right now.