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Taurus Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 12th February

Check Your Horoscope for Today, Monday 12th February
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For the last few weeks, someone close to you has been seeing you under a different light. They watch you silently, they show up while you're shopping or having coffee, you know they talk about you, and they even seem to be trying to find excuses to spend time with you. Their presence isn't uncomfortable, and it even makes you feel good… Do you think they could become your new lover?

You have older relatives with health issues to watch, to the extreme of not sleeping well some nights. You can't assume that time goes by very fast; you left your childhood behind years ago, and those people are growing old as well. It hurts, but this is life.


You're trying to save money, and you wonder if stars are making you lose money everywhere before you can even get your hands on it. No, you're the one overspending. Keep calm, and stop idolizing what's around you. Better times are coming.

It wouldn't be too bad to socialize with your workmates. Why don't you propose doing something together to know each other better? It's not just having a few beers together, it means finding an event to attend: an art exhibit, a play...

It should be something that gives you a way to create stronger emotional bonds that you can take profit from when working in a team, knowing each other better and how to behave at all times with the person next to you.


It's time to get your hair done; you don't want to get a haircut but you do want it to grow stronger and shinier, so you should ask for an appointment at the salon.

Stop trying those home remedies you've seen in magazines and get in the hands of a professional, because you'll see yourself under a better light on the mirror.

Careful when you go into the streets; avoid unnecessary risks like crossing roads around areas without street lights or pedestrian crossings.

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