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Full Taurus Magical Horoscope for Saturday, 10th February

Full Forecast for Today, Saturday
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Why is that friend ready to make you impatient this weekend, if you haven't ever had any fights? Don't let him defeat you, show off your mental strength and avoid their nasty comments. You know he doesn't want to do you wrong, he just woke up today with a peculiar sense of humour, which feels stressing to you because you've been his target all day long.

Your partner's very sensitive, so be careful; they could feel hurt at any point. Why have unnecessary distress? In the end it would hurt you more than them. Shower them with love, and give more hugs and kisses than usual, because that's what they need the most today.


Let's talk about work. Set yourself a goal for the upcoming week, because the stars reveal that you'll get anywhere you want thanks to your intuition, although your experiences will play an important role too.

You need a steadier economy, you're tired of juggling and struggling with your finances. Take a closer look to your hands, they're loaded up with power and energy. Take action, get moving, break off your routine and boredom. Get empowered and start something, don't stay quiet.

Success is sure to come with just a little effort, and you'll get your numbers in order. You may even pay off one of those small debts that you've been postponing every single period.


What happened, Taurus? The weekend's here and you're a bit clueless. You're an Earth sign prone to stability, and you can't recognize yourself. But enough sitting around dwelling in your distress. Stop worrying, because those concerns are temporary, and focus on yourself and your own enjoyment!

Pay attention to how much fruit you eat. Not much, right? Now that the right time is here, buy yourself a nice box of strawberries. They're full of vitamin C, which will improve your immune system, and it's a powerful detox agent as well. Also, it'll allow you to keep your gums healthy and your teeth white.

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