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Saturday February 3rd Taurus Stars Prediction

Taurus: Your Star Sign Revelations
Taurus Daily Horoscope |


Even though this has been quite a disappointing week in your love life, especially for our single Taurus friends, soon the loneliness will fade away. You'll learn to be comfortable in your own skin, but you'll be especially comfortable doing the things you like the most. Enjoy your freedom, because love is just around the corner.

Those Taurus in a relationship will live a completely different situation, who will see common interests in the other person that they hadn't experienced yet. Things will get much better. You'll go back to living among that sense of connection that makes your bond so strong. You're a great match!


Things haven't come to the result you expected at work. This Saturday will be your day to reflect upon things. You've got time to think about how to fit in well into your new team and what's your essential role.

You'll finally have the chance to open up your heart to a workmate, and start to build some trust. Measure your conversations well so that you don't talk too much.

Your money will stay in its rightful place this weekend. It's true that you can afford some extras, like some new clothing, but you won't notice any important changes in your bank account.


We were telling you about how important it is to get a lucky charm to keep your energy stored up for times of need. Energy stones, like aquamarine, give good results, although any charm is good to store positive energy. Touch it when you feel weak and you'll soon feel much better.

Tensions and stress can be released in many ways, including intense physical activities like climbing. A good dose of adrenaline will make you feel brand new, no matter how panicked you may feel at the beginning. It's also useful to get rid of your fears. Would you be daring enough to go parachuting?

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