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Saturday January 27th Taurus Stars Prediction

Taurus: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Horror movies are your top favourite: the excitement you feel when the movie manages to surprise you and keep you hanging on is what you like best from it. You'll experience something similar in love, because you'll be looking out for these sensations during the weekend.

You may express this concern to your partner, and you'll be trying to test them a little, give them a shake-up and even unleash a bit of an argument. Be very careful if you reach this stage, maybe the other person will take things too literally.


When you learn how to carry out a task, you do it perfectly. You even find yourself able to create your own method, an alternative option to reach the same result but in a more efficient way.

Your consistency and willingness into doing things is key, because thanks to them you've managed to outdo others quite a few times, and that's why you're confident that you'll take your project to great heights in the end.

However, considering your position, sometimes this implies being assigned more tasks and responsibilities. Having more work isn't something to be done for nothing, you need to earn more money.


You'll be full to the brim of energy this weekend and you'll make the decision of cleaning up your fridge top to bottom. With a trash bag right behind you, you'll get away from sight all those foods that aren't exactly healthy for you, like fried foods, ready-to-eat meals or all those calorie-packed sugary treats.

Sugar is, without a doubt, one of your favourite ingredients, but you'll have to forget about it and set it aside for a while if you really want to give a new orientation to your food intake and culinary habits. It wouldn't be too bad if you stopped yourself from having any sugar. At least, just for a few days.

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