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Taurus Astral Horoscope for Sunday 11th February by Magical Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Sunday
Taurus Daily Horoscope |


Taurus, why are you being disrespectful to your loved ones for no reason, including your partner? You're taking home the stress from work, and there's a dark cloud looming around you that keeps you angry, and makes you give rude answers. You're going to make people stay away from you.

Ask for help, and respect everyone around you for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

In the past you've tried hard to turn your partner into your perfect, ideal match; fortunately, they haven't let you change them.

Don't make this mistake twice; you love them for who they are, not for who they could become. Try to understand what they're asking for.


Out of work you're caring, funny, with a great sense of humour.

However, at work you're trying to play the role of a monster, rather than a sweetie, and this makes you take personally whatever joke people aim at you.

And they're not being too harsh on you either, they're joking about you at the same level than everyone else.

Learn to manage your patience, and try being a little more playful and carefree.

Let your guard down and you'll come to see that if you get together with your 'enemies', it will be much easier than being ready to fire at will.


You're tremendously lazy when it comes to preparing meals, and you're relying too much on processed, ready-to-eat foods.

You're perfectly aware of why you have all that extra weight that's been disturbing you lately, right?

Your body is telling you to stop feeding it with that sort of food, and that you should lean towards homemade meals. Also, you'll save a great deal of money by doing so.

When shopping for groceries, start including more wholegrain foods; but don't deceive yourself and think that you're guaranteed to lose weight just because you're eating brown rice or pasta. You're just helping your body to work better.