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Thursday February 1st Taurus Stars Prediction

Taurus: Your Star Sign Revelations
Taurus Daily Horoscope |


Your constant texting has become terribly annoying for the people around you. You're not paying attention to the conversations with people around you, and you're constantly absent and clueless.

When you're set on finding love, it's not just a matter of flirting with as many people as possible and waiting for them to call you back. You can't expect one of those thousands of dating app users to fall prey to your seduction skills.

It's so much easier for you to say things while hiding away behind a screen than in front of an actual person, and because of this, you create disappointment on whoever you meet when you get together face-to-face.


Your parents taught you to keep your stock always full just in case rough times are coming. In your kitchen, that emergency storage of preserves and canned foods is your best friend. When you go shopping for groceries, it looks as if you're stocking food for the entire building; you always tend to think that it's better to have more than less.

This gives you a great sense of assurance, but realizing that you won't be able to spend as much as you expected could make you panic. Don't worry, this is just a thought your mind is used to. You should notice that there's cans that have spent months in your stock because you've actually never needed them.


When you don't express what you really think or feel, you're falling into a trap you've built for yourself. Unwanted situations are coming up and causing certain effects: if you hold things in for so long, you'll be creating a serious issue and harming your health.

You can't ever feel completely at ease, and this is why when you rest, you feel as if you hadn't done so. You should be more interested in finding a balance between your body and mind: just by being aware of it, you'll do more than enough.