Taurus Daily Horoscope
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Why not prepare a surprise for your partner? The weekend is just around the corner; and although Valentine's Day is close by, you should prove it doesn't have to be 14th February to experience a romantic, special evening. Your love story can be celebrated whenever you want, because you're the stars, and unlike others, you're not subject to a set calendar and timer. The plan will be perfect, and it will strengthen your bonds.

Don't forget to tell your partner you love them, because pride can leave you speechless sometimes. Try reciting some verses, or recreating a scene from their favourite movie; and don't be afraid of feeling silly.


You've had to do some repair work (for your car or your home) that turned out pretty cheap, but now something will go wrong. What you got was a terrible job, and you'll have to pay the price for looking for the cheapest option.

Don't complain about your bad choices or blame whom you hired, because they assured they weren't an expert. Just do whatever you need to do, but do it well.

At work, don't give up and keep going on your personal struggle to get promoted. Very few people know how much you're giving in. Regain your strength and move on.


If you don't feel like going out, don't force yourself to. It's not a rut, or anything you should be worried about. You can't always pretend to be ready for action, no matter how hard you try.

It's time to cut your ties to bad habits, once and for all. Stop lying to yourself saying you'll start next Monday, because you said that last week, and the one before last. Either you do things or you don't; and if you do them, you do it well and sensibly. Look for professional help if needed, or go to the chemist's and ask if you can get any natural product to calm your nerves.