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Taurus Magical Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 13th February

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday 13th February
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Having been self-reliant and very independent, but also slightly uprooted, can sometimes bring you trouble when trying to find love and friendship. You have to know how to give and receive with whoever's next to you, which is something you pretend you don't know. That's why you value it so much when it comes unexpectedly.

This self-reliance can be the cause for some unexpected issues.

Talk more to your family, because there's something you need to know and they don't know how to tell you. Whether you see it as positive or like a problem is something only you will decide; but don't be cynical or unnecessarily harmful.

Take the initiative.


You need a routine at work, and when someone alters it, you fall down like a house of cards.

Isn't it due time to handle your emotions properly? Take changes as a challenge, and not as a tragedy or a threat.

And don't follow the bad example; you're on top of all this.

It's never a good time to ask for a raise at your company, right? Unfortunately, it isn't a good time now either.

But why do you keep forgetting that there's a job market out there where you could do not only the same, but bigger and better things as well?

It's time to upgrade your CV and make an e-mail address checklist.   


You've had a time of excess and you don't know what to eat or what to take out of your shopping cart.

You're experiencing a time of your life where many circumstances overwhelm you, and you have meltdowns at specific times. You need some place to run away to, and you can't find a way.

Despair and restlessness come visit you at night, and you're letting them in. Not doing what you want all the time is very distressing to you.

Let your mind fly away and stop feeling frustrated about things that don't deserve any attention.

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