Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope

Love: You’ll want to fall head over heels

If you still feel there’s an emotional void in your heart, the stars will toy with your feelings. This void you feel won’t be easy to fill, and you’ll be very picky.

Your loneliness (which you’re not sure whether or not it’s self-imposed) will affect the other areas of your life, so much so that a high heart rate will be your new normal.

You’ll never admit this, but you long to be head over heels for someone worthy of your love. Be patient, don’t lose faith, good things come to those who wait!

For couples, your issues will be small and easily fixed, but your passion will be mostly lukewarm.

The interactions within your family will be polite, so long as they aren’t forced, but rather nurtured so they can grow and develop naturally.

You’ll create a bond of complicity and tenderness with your children or siblings, but don’t obsess with protecting them and controlling every aspect of their lives.

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Money: You’ll be dragging decisions from the past

Neptune and Saturn will influence your financial matters this month, the fourth month of 2019.

This planetary combination isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it will be strong enough to force you, Taurus, to financially face the consequences of your past actions and choices.

Do you think that doing things impulsively won’t cause you future headaches, that come morning all will be forgotten?

If you’ve managed your finances correctly, your budget will be good and you won’t feel like you’re in dire straits.

You might have to settle some debts and pay back past loans, and if you misbehaved in the past, facing them won’t be pleasant. Will you learn the lesson already?

Health: Suggest things to better yourself

With five different stars influencing the area of your health, you’ll notice a strong desire in you to improve your overall health.

Your self-confidence and dynamism will be your best assets to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to suggest things to your personal trainer or even to your GP. Even if they’re really innovative.

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