Taurus Monthly Horoscope for August

Your Horoscope for August 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope

- Love: You’ll be honest and you’ll demand honesty
- Money: Don’t rely on your intuition
- Health: You’ll discover new paths

Love: You’ll be honest and you’ll demand honesty

There’ll be plenty of moments of pure connection between your hearts, but there’s also a series of external factors that could damage your relationship, as seen on the Taurus sky.

To neutralize those harmful influences you must double your efforts to make your other half happy, giving extra cuddles, making small gifts or organizing a picnic somewhere beautiful to watch the sunset.

If you’re single you’ll be in rebellion, thinking you’re better off on your own, that happiness resides in loving yourself. This is an interesting trend of thought, but you couldn’t say it’s an absolute truth, could you Taurus?

You’ll be honest with your loved ones, and you’ll demand honesty from them, be it your partner, your suitor or your friends. You’ll work on your insecurities and you’ll try to free yourself from past traumas which still torment you to this day (even though not many people know about this).

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Money: Don’t rely on your intuition

The crisis won’t affect your accounts: your finances will be healthy, generally speaking, and when they start getting difficult you’ll manage to make ends meet.

In spite of this, you won’t give any importance to material things, sentimental value is a lot more important to you, and you’ll be more grateful to have more time to spend with your children than having lots of money in your bank account.

This will allow you to make some room at home, by giving away what you no longer need, or selling it at second-hand shops.

Your keen mind will also allow you to fix some mistakes: taking a step back requires skill, but you’ll make it seem easy. However, make sure you employ your common sense at all times, without relying too heavily on your intuition.

Health: You’ll discover new paths

You want to discover the world, and during your exploration, you’ll find new schools of thought and activities which will improve your physical wellbeing; especially team sports, which will make you feel more connected with the universe, between complicity and fun.

Be patient this month, and control your anxious eating: you won’t find the solution to your problems at the bottom of your plate. What’s more, you should eat slowly, chewing your food well, and this will make you feel fuller.

Pay attention to your skin and try to discover what beauty treatments are best for it: each skin type requires specific products, and if you care for it a bit you’ll look much better.