Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

Your Horoscope for December 2019

Taurus monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Work on your empathy

Your love life just gets a passing grade this new month of December. Some weeks will be stable and filled with love, but you won’t escape some specific storms which will flood your heart.

The main obstacle will be your communication skills: you’ll struggle to express what’s on your mind, what you want and what you’re truly feeling, and your beloved will struggle to connect with you.

The weeks ahead of you are great to work on your empathy, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and take off your mask to show you’re vulnerable too.

Learning to listen will be useful whether you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re starting a new love story, remember to heal the wounds in your heart, Taurus, if you want things to move forward.

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Money: You’ll seek new opportunities

Your most revolutionary spirit manifests. You’re bored with your current situation, you want a significant change and you wrack your brain to find new opportunities to make money, change jobs or achieve changes in any possible way.

Your plans must be solid, and be well-grounded; and leave some wiggle room, because, in the end, nothing will go right on the first try (perhaps on the second). Patience will be your greatest ally!

With the arrival of Christmas your desire to go outside of your usual surroundings and discover new worlds will also increase, but you don’t know if you’ll have the courage to start from zero somewhere else.

Health: You’ll enjoy helping others

The health of Taurus will be great this month, but you need to get your eyes checked; some headaches or brief spells of dizziness could be due to poor eyesight.

On a mental level, you’ll find great satisfaction helping those in need; you’ll really feel the Christmas helping the less fortunate, whether it’s through charities or NGOs, or by helping those nearby.

Through other people’s problems and suffering, you’ll learn to truly value all the good things in your life.