Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July

Your Horoscope for July 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope

Love: Take up old projects you had with your partner

Open the chest of old projects in your relationship, take those that are possible and make them come true. There’ll be good chances for them to flourish, to give meaning to your relationship, and to allow you to rekindle your flame.

The greatest harmony can be disturbed at times by a poor choice of words, misinterpreted phrases, and, in a worst case scenario, as a result of the dreaded and harmful jealousy.

If you’re currently single, you will have just one worry over the next few days: finding someone you’re compatible with, with whom to build a future and plan a family.

Even though you used to have liberal ideas about love, right now you’ll want a traditional love story.

However, there’ll be some spontaneous adventures which will allow you to enjoy moments of pure pleasure and relaxation, without any worries.

Your fear, Taurus, will be to be left with a bitter aftertaste from these filings, but it won’t be the case.

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Money: You’ll feel proud of your profession

Your profession will give you great ethical and financial satisfaction, you’ll be proud of your trade, that this is the way you earn a living.

If you’re currently looking for a job, there are great chances of finding one that suits your expertise and aspirations. However, make sure you feel self-confident and optimistic in July and, above all, make your resume move around!

As the weeks go by you’ll get a certain urge to reach your goals as soon as possible and, to achieve this, you’ll have to sacrifice things that are important to you.

You’ll also want to make all the necessary choices regarding your financial situation this month: you can clearly see the flaws your life has in this regard, and your choices will be very wise.

Health: Escape routine and rest

There’ll be times when you’ll feel the need to escape your routine a little and rest in silence, and this is completely normal.

Sometimes you won’t feel like doing anything, especially if you’re on holiday (lucky you!). It’s not that you feel lonely, but you’ll value peace above movement during the next few weeks.

Be open to new experiences related to health and your wellbeing, whether it’s on your own... or with your partner (how about making a double appointment with a masseuse, or at the thermal baths?).

Generally speaking, the stars will lead you towards a good balance between kindness, spiritual peace and solidarity.