Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope

Love: Family will be the most important thing for you

It’s a good time to express your feelings and to let others know you value them; sometimes you’re a bit standoffish, but you’ll put your claws away, Taurus.

The relationship you have with your family and loved ones will be very agreeable this month, and you’ll have particular ease to connect with the little ones.

Now, in terms of a more traditional love, you’ll have the feeling that life is testing you and making you prove that your romantic ideas are good, your beliefs are right and your way of dealing with life is the best.

You’ll feel you’re being evaluated, and that could make you feel exhausted, especially if it’s your partner who’s demanding more evidence than an auditor from the I.R.S.

If you’re single, you’ll be more focused on your personal matters than on your conquests. But that doesn’t mean you’ll become a hermit.

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Money: Don’t take advice as criticism

There’ll be some tricky times financially, Taurus; there’ll be numbers that won’t add up, and you’ll have to play detective to figure out what’s going wrong.

Don’t take advice as criticism, you might feel personally attacked when, in reality, someone is just trying to help you move forward and improve.

If you’re up to your neck in water, you could ask your bank for a loan, but evaluate whether you’ll be able to repay that money.

Your priorities will probably change, and you’ll start making some big changes. What used to seem a trinket will now seem a treasure, and what used to look like a jewel will become a scrap of tin.

Health: It’s better to take natural remedies than to self-medicate

You’ll be inspired to preserve your moral and your physical shape, and you’ll be able to take into account the opinion and requests from the cosmos.

Your intuition and your sixth sense will be very switched on, you’ll be able to pick up the signs, and you’ll gently push yourself to reach your goals.

Self-medicating is strictly forbidden, even if you think you’re an expert; if you have a headache or a stomach ache, use natural remedies and infusions.

Lastly, make time to tend to your secret garden, and to dedicate to doing things you love. Life can’t be all work and no play.