Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope


Love: Love at first sight for the young at heart

The powerful aspect of Mars will promote crazy, passionate romance in the month that brings an end to 2019's first trimester.

It'll be up in the air, and there'll be love at first sight with no restrictions: not only the young ones will be the target for Cupid's arrows, but elders as well.

So if you're starting to grow a little older and you're single, maybe you won't be anymore, because you'll find a life partner almost out of the blue!

In fact, those of you native Taureans who are more impulsive will think of marriage straight away, but you should know rushing is never good.

You should get to know people little by little; don't rush and end up regretting what happened in your wedding night.

If your relationship is in crisis, talking will be the best tool to repair what's been damaged; and try not to be all by yourselves.

Give your friends and family a call to tell them everything that's going on inside.


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Money: Spiritual profit rather than financial

You'll have a very interesting connection with your environment. You'll be surprised to find you won't be that focused on material things.

Your search this month won't be about making money and stashing it under your bed.

You might even consider travelling somewhere far to find your own gravity center, a sense of mental peace you feel the universe is denying you.

At work, on the other hand, sometimes you'll need a little extra sharpness to do better than some of your workmates or opponents.

You could even be too much of a daydreamer and a manager will have to tell you off, but rather than making you feel bad, they will help you get back down to Earth and focus.

Health: Don't stand still

In order to break your ties to inactivity, the truth is, you'll never find the perfect time for it.

If you don't start doing exercise with your current resources, you'll end up rotten. Don't wait until all conditions are perfect to begin.

You'll notice you need to get in shape if you're not when you're forced to go on a runner; you'll end up completely broken and exhausted, and you'll feel sorry you didn't stop by the gym earlier!

As far as your diet is concerned, you'll quickly create interesting and tasty menus that don't throw calorie watching off the cliff.

You should especially get used not to sugarcoat everything, no matter how much you enjoy this sweet delicacy!