Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - TAURUS | Magic Horoscope

Love: Enjoy your magical charisma

You feel very free in your love life, you couldn’t care less about what others think about your relationship or your romantic preferences; there will even be times when you choose to provoke others just to stir the pot.

You want your life to be spiced up, to behave coherently, to let your heart talk and guide the way. Conjugal life tends to be easy, you’ll break your routine and open the doors to new adventures. You won’t lack self-confidence, Taurus.

At times the sky will grant you a magical charisma, which will surprise those who know you and will make others want to get to know you. Shyness is useless, remember this when someone asks you for your phone number.

However, before you jump into a relationship with the first person to come calling, wait a little longer, if you give your heart away too soon you might miss out on meeting your soulmate.

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Money: You’ll be a winner

You’ll know how to get that old train that no one uses anymore to work again and be faster than ever. Your strong suit, Taurus, will be resurrecting old business projects, updating the obsolete and, generally speaking, reinvent what no longer works. Make the most of this flow, because it’s truly valuable.

This October, the word that best describes you is: winner. You’ll focus on achieving success and recognition, you long to improve professionally, and you’ll certainly achieve it.

This doesn’t mean you’ll become better than anybody else. You’ll still have to fight your own insecurities, and you’ll be terrified by the idea of falling from grace.

If your finances are being strangled by an accumulation of debts, you’ll be quick to find solutions, whether it’s doing by taking a new job or selling some jewelry you no longer use to get some extra cash.


You’re protected by the Magic Horoscope in the area of your health, and it will help you face problems which you’re already trying to tackle.

Being sensible will be important, as some recoveries are especially slow or painful. Listen to your body, and behave accordingly.

You’ll be especially good at fixing past mistakes. Life has taught you a series of lessons which you’re now putting into practice.

Choose gentle sports; there’ll be time for high-intensity training and sports competitions in the future.