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The Taurus prediction for the month of July

Your Taurus predictions for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Start by loving yourselves

To love your partner or anyone else this July, you should love yourselves first, because you know you don't love yourselves as much as you should.

In fact, there'll be days your attitude will be sort of self-defeating, when you'll just want to let hours slip by and you won't even try to analyse why you feel the way you do.

On the other hand, ghosts of yesterday will drag their noisy chains, and you'll reminisce affairs and times that affected you badly, and in a way still make your heart bleed.

Whenever you can, break off your routine and rules, be talkative and creative and make every day a new fun adventure for your heart.

When experiencing passion, your most intense time will generally be nighttime.

Money: Control productivity

A lack of knowledge and misunderstandings may make you invest on financial products that won't be as beneficial as you'd expect, so be cautious.

Your family budget will be hard to manage, so don't let impulsiveness take the wheel.

Look at how you invest your time, which is money after all, and try to be more productive at work; if you perform better perhaps you'll complain less, right?

It's true that there's certain crazy expenses which just seem to make Taureans' life more difficult, but keep some money stashed away to face them as they come.

Stars will bring you people who'll help you make money, whether by joining them or listening to their advice. Be wise but cautious when meeting them.

Health: Trust your qualities for the sake of your mental health

If you experienced a major health issue in the past, the Magic Horoscope regrets to inform you that you'll get a relapse.

In that case, keep nerves of steel, because you could make things worse through psychosomatic symptoms.

According to the stars, this July you'll need to trust your own qualities, because it will be good for your mental health.

Get a makeover, at least as far as shoes go, because your feet could mean trouble if you don't use footwear that fits your needs; don't be taken away by sauciness.