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Magic Horoscope: The Taurus prediction for the month of June

Your Taurus predictions for June 2018
Magic Horoscope June for Taurus   |


Love: Break ties with emotional dependency

You've gotten used to your partner advising you on everything you do, and you should step out of that comfort zone this June. Break ties with your emotional dependency and make your own choices.

The universe will bring an emotional game that will get you closer to the wrong people, not even if you're single; a flirting game that starts off fun could become more serious and addictive than you could think.

It's hard to admit that things don't go your way, and you're too obsessed about this; although you will experience cycles when every bit of your skin will be open to romance, and it'll allow you to be very creative.

Also, admit that the way you love changes over the years as you grow old. You can't love the same way at 15, 40 or 70.

Money: Careful with your loans

Don't let a foul circumstance of your finances affect the rest of your businesses, such as family plans or other circumstances.

Taking care of your finances implies not making loans, not only in physical money, but also with items such as computers or phones; only choose trustworthy people, don't stand still expecting for something to come back, only to never see it again.

You've been raised to believe that saving money is quite necessary, but this June you'll lose control of all the money you're putting away; manage it wisely.

At work you'll notice your good deeds aren't appreciated, and you expect them to come under the spotlight; sooner than later, you'll get the reward you deserve.

Taureans who work in communication will be involved in quite a sticky situation at work, and the horoscope recommends them to be cautious and accurate with their performance.

Health: let steadiness and simplicity be your guides

You're at a stage where excess isn't your best ally, and you found precious friends in steadiness and simplicity, at least at the start of the month; you'll miss out on your healthy living commitment later on.

To find an oasis of spiritual peace, think of what you could do to make the world a better place. How about volunteering for an association in need?

Don't commit to going to more events and social outings than you physically can; there'll be a time when you won't know where to find a spot, and this will stress you out.

Taureans who have been injured will notice some improvement, although they should, of course, continue to follow the recovery process carefully and pay close attention to the orders of doctors.