Magic Horoscope: The Taurus prediction for the month of May

Your Taurus predictions for May 2018
Taurus Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Don't let anyone bring you down

Other people's opinions bring down your excitement and determination. Don't let anyone take away your dreams, not even your partner. You know what you want, and you'll fight for it.

You need to break yourself into pieces, like a puzzle, and then set every piece on its rightful place, so that everything fits perfectly. It's tough, but necessary.

Use emotional oasis, those peaceful days after a hard, long battle, to open up to your loved ones, and share what worries you every day.

Good news will come from your friends, and there's a reunion coming up to celebrate.

Single Taureans will see love waiting around the corner, so it's up to you to stand on target for Cupid's arrows.

Money: The money you thought was lost is coming back

Whether you're unemployed or ready to swap jobs, the contacts you've got can do a lot for you. You just need to knock on the right doors and prove you're interested with a shiny smile across your face.

Learn to separate your personal and professional time, and refuse to answer work calls or e-mails outside the allotted schedule.

The money that left your savings bank will come back, but be sensible enough to avoid wasting it; it's never too bad to save up a little.

Save yourself from doing an intervention for your friends to get a job, because if they don't do things as they should, you'll be the one that will have to explain.

Health: Distress shouldn't lock your stomach up

This month won't be harder than usual, but you'll definitely have some distress. And this will impact the way you eat.

No matter how angry you are, try to eat normally, no matter how locked up you say your stomach is; a healthy balanced diet is essential at any mood.

Green aventurine is one of your magic stones, Taureans, and the Magic Horoscope advises you should use it as your charm this month.

A makeover would do wonders on your self-esteem, and you could do it yourself at home if you don't want to spend too much money.