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The Annual Horoscope for Taurus for 2018

The prediction for Taurus for 2018.
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The people from the sign of Taurus were born between 20 April and 20 May and they are ruled by the planet Venus. During 2018, your regent will be in transit from Capricorn to Scorpio, a circumstance that can affect your emotional stability.

You should strive to remain patient and calm and let things happen at the right time. This will be what allows you to move forward, achieve your goals and objectives throughout the year.


This 2018 will be for Taurus a year in which they'll live their sexuality intensely. Both married and single will feel more active and in the first phase of the year, they will enjoy this new stage a lot, although in the mid-year they may find themselves with a situation that won't have very good results.

Those who are single could meet a very special person who encourages them to take the step towards commitment, but they should be alert and not let the passion of the first days be confused with the feeling of true love.

In the end, those who say goodbye to their singleness will be those who have managed to find the right person for them.


During the following months, there won't be many changes in the family environment. Everything will go according to plan and the commitments that you expect will be fulfilled perfectly. If there is a change, it won't be you who motivates it.

As the year goes by, a close relative such as a brother or a parent may have to face an important event in their life that won't be easy for them to accept: a break-up, a move or even a sudden change in their professional facet will be some of the situations you will have to face and for this they will need your unconditional support.


The most favorable period to pay the debts will come at the end of the year, which will be when you have the financial capacity to renegotiate some loans and put your finances in order.

In addition, thanks to the influence of Mercury in the last period of the year you will be able to enjoy your economic benefits and grant you those whims with which you had dreamed of so much.


You'll give special importance to your job and you'll strive every day to improve. Your work duties will reach a very accelerated rhythm and you'll have to face stressful situations more often than what you'd like. 

That persistent character that defines you so much will help you to carry out any project you have. Job opportunities will look for you, the professional barriers that frustrated you so much last year will be eliminated and you will have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and grow as a professional.


You'll have nothing to regret this year, which will be quite positive regarding your health and your energies. You'll feel in harmony with yourself and most part of the time you'll have extra energy which will help you face the day to day life. If you've had a pain or disease, it may disappear as the months go by.

You'll learn what to eat according to your needs and you'll prioritize physical exercise, which will become an important habit in your life. The periodic massages that help you tone the muscles of the area and release tension will be of vital importance to avoid injuries and other related problems, so don't hesitate in betting on them.