This week, which marls the middle of February, you’ll want to take on new challenges in your love life. You used to value emotional stability, but now you’re open to improvising and for your life to go down unprecedented routes.

You’ll be very adept at smoothing out tricky situations, you’ll have a good perspective on things, and you won’t allow yourself to get carried away by first impressions. Plus, your intelligence helps you ignore malicious rumours.

If you're in a relationship there might be some arguments, but they’ll be very enriching. You’ll manage to step in your beloved's shoes and understand their fears and uncertainties, and you’ll discover new details to make your existence happier.

These days you’ll also corroborate that opposites attract: if you’re a generally calm Taurus, you’ll have your eye on someone much livelier and vice versa.

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Your strong suit this week will be your talent to obtain great rewards in business. You have freedom of action which you use wonderfully, and you’ll manage to make your judgement prevail over others.

You’ll have great professional opportunities and the stars will also give you a chance to explore new areas that you’d never taken into account until now. The secret is to think big, and not let the fear of failure block you.

When it comes to your domestic budget, you’ll have great hits and errors which will be generally overlooked. Try to take some time to tidy up your house, you might find a valuable object which you thought you’d lost.


You’ll give great importance to your diet; this week you’ll try a new healthy, balanced diet because you know that if you feel good on the outside, you’ll also feel good on the inside. It will be easier than you think!

You’ll discover new health trends; friends or relatives will offer you dubious advice which also lacks scientific foundations.

Follow your doctor’s advice exclusively, and don’t listen to fad trends, there’s many charlatans around.