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The way you manage your personal issues is quite peculiar, and you should admit to that, Taureans; but of course, it's one thing to do as you please with your life, and a whole different story that strangers (or slight acquaintances) come around to judge your behaviour.

The way you behave in love, the way you uniquely and personally perceive this feeling, with a point of view that's radically different to that of fairytales.

This won't stop you from wanting to have some wild fun, whether it is with your partner or new people you meet along the way if you're a single native Taurean.

However, if you actually are seeing someone at the moment, don't toy with their feelings, because you can make jokes that can turn out to be deeply hurtful.


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Your main concern for the upcoming week will be work, and more particularly, not letting people abuse you or your skills.

There's a lot of wolves in sheepskin around you who think they know what they're doing, but you're smarter than they think, so you'll be able to lure them to your trap, and as soon as they're caught, they'll share whatever doesn't belong to them.

You'll be quite brilliant at certain points, and as soon as you feel an idea coming up to mind, don't just stand there and do something!

It'll be the time to work on those projects you always think about, but which you never dare to get into motion. Is it because you're cautious... or because you're terrified of failure?

But don't forget that mistakes are the best life lessons, the ones that you can't ever find on books.


The health issues you could be going through in the next few days will be more psychological than physical; at least, not exclusive to your body.

As in other times before, your nerves will take over, shatter your wellness, and you'll have to fight them as best as you can.

Especially if you want to sleep well through the whole night, because restlessness does not promote being well-rested for sure.

And you need to charge up your batteries every day, because there won't be a single day that's easy to face!

Also, you'll have to love yourselves a little better and embrace the fact that you're aging, and that it's okay to do so.

The elixir of eternal youth is a myth, it's not real; although, if you're anxious about seeing wrinkles on your face, you could always consider plastic surgery.