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A bit of love to suit everyon’es taste: that’s what’s in store for Taurus this week.

The Magic Horoscope stars indicate that things will continue to be good for the couples, if there haven’t been any issues in the previous weeks.

However, if you’ve had a thunderstorm at home, or even if you’re having an affair (one that makes you happier than your official relationship), you’re at risk of a break-up, or at the very least, of a very serious crisis.

As this mid-march week progresses, things won’t be very clear when it comes to your feelings, and you’ll be changing your mind constantly.

Be careful not to waste too much energy over-thinking things. If you’re single you’ll have to make an effort to communicate, to break down the wall that separates you from the person you like (but that you’re not in love with just yet).

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Certain financial enterprises will be short-lived, your career won’t take off the way you thought it would, and you might lose your calm and your balance.

If you’re plotting things secretly, financial transactions that no one else is aware of, you’re at risk of being found out. There may be a high price to pay for this.

Neptune will put you in a confusing situation, so you’ll have to be careful if you have papers to sign that you’re not sure about, and go over your calculations again if they don’t seem to add up.

For those Taurus who are looking for a job, you’ll notice the stars will bring you new opportunities and will force you to change the path you were on, which wasn’t always the best for you.

Please be realistic: stop making up empty formulas and business ideas to fill up your portfolio, because you’re more likely to end up bankrupting yourself than becoming rich.


Your health will have its ups and downs. You had weeks in which you’ve been in better spirits and with more energy.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have 7 rubbish days, not at all!

At times you’ll obsess over food and over your weight. You won’t like the number that shows on your scale, and this can have an effect on your energy.

Wellness isn’t measured in numbers, plus, you know it’s not healthy to weigh yourself so often.

Take into account what size of clothes you’re in, if it’s still the same then you haven’t put weight on!