Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Calm takes over your heart. Aside from the normal hustle and bustle of your daily life, whether you’re single or in a relationship, truth is that the next few days will be marked by tranquility. Pretty much everything that happens in your love life will be predictable.

The stars give you a great virtue, the ability to break the monotony when you start getting bored. Action could be on the menu if you so choose.

Understanding will be possible in your relationship, plus, you’ll be able to express your feelings if you’re single, and manage to sweep someone off their feet unexpectedly. Someone who won’t stay in your life for long, but with whom you’ll have some fun.

There’ll be moments when you’ll notice the feelings in your heart are so strong that you’d rather bottle them up than share them with the public. You’re terrified of being vulnerable, as if it were something bad or something to be ashamed of, Taurus!

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You need to be wiser and more prudent. If you get carried away by your basic instincts you might wreck your savings. You’ll be one of the most capricious signs this week, you’ll enjoy shopping like a little kid at an amusement park.

Before you throw away the purchase tickets, think if you wouldn’t rather return a few of the items. This way you’ll spare yourself the pain when you find you can’t make ends meet.

Take out your favourite amulet and keep it at hand when you have tests and exams; you’ll come out on top, naturally, so long as you’ve prepared and given it your best shot. You’ll have a great spoken and written ability to express yourself and this will benefit you.


All is well with regards to your health, but a check-up at the doctor’s to double-check or make some blood tests is always a good idea. This way you can rest easy, since every time you read the news and they mention new illnesses you start automatically finding symptoms in yourself.

It’s important to distribute your time between your duties and your hobbies. Be a bit selfish and do the things you like, even if this means isolating yourself from your family and friends for longer than you’d like.