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This week of May those born under Taurus will have very strong mood swings. And this will have consequences because it won’t be destabilizing only for you: it’ll be like a hurricane for those around you.

At times you’ll want to expand the family, and even if your fertility is good, you should really think this through and plan for it. Don’t think children raise themselves, they really don’t.

In your family avoid conflict with the new members of your family, partners of siblings or any other political family relation.

You’ll be suspicious of their intentions, but the Magic Horoscope indicates that, in principle, they’re being open and honest; however, there could be clashes.

One of your best friends will want to tell you something important but will struggle to find the words. Go to see them and help them open up.

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Your financial stability is evident, but the Magic Horoscope recommends you don’t become complacent, and to further develop your natural creativity, like the good Taurus you are.

Show how good you are at your job, and make your bosses and supervisors value you, even if this means putting your foot down. They have to know it won’t be easy to find another one like you, and they’ll have to reflect on this.

At times, however, you’ll have a tendency to fall apart like a house of cards with the smallest of pushes; you won’t know how to face certain problems on your own.

Lastly, a note regarding the goddess Fortune: gambling won’t be your thing, so stop wasting money on machines and lotteries. Also, you’re at risk of developing a gambling addiction, an illness which breaks thousands of families a year.


The bull’s natural habitat is the countryside, and this week you should surround yourself with greenery, nature is calling you.

It’s a good opportunity to go on little adventures, but always being very cautious.

Lack of sleep and affect your focus, and at times you won’t know where you’ve put your bag or your phone; you’ll have to stay on top of those mental blanks, ok?

Last, but not least, don’t take unnecessary risks, such as crossing highways in places where you shouldn’t, or without looking both ways first.