Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’re free to do crazy things in your relationship, you’ll be able to spice up your relationship and your bedroom, so get going!

If you don’t activate yourself, you’ll be tempted to rest on the laurels of the complacency of your conjugal life. When something goes wrong, don’t blame third parties or any kind of gossip: think that love’s worst enemy is routine.

If at any point you get the faintest hint of a crisis, then you need to triple your efforts to revive the passion in your other half’s heart.

If you don’t want to waste your energy, and you’re a single Taurus, resist the urge to go with the first person to give you a bit of love, and save your impulses for someone who truly appreciates each and every single one of your qualities, someone who will finally show you the happiness you deserve. You’ll meet this person over the next few days.

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Triumph. This is the magic word for this new week of October, and if you focus on this action you’ll be able to give free rein to your greatest ambitions.

Before you know it, you’ll consolidate your professional position. Some Taurus will even get a raise, or a highly coveted position at work (which will be well-deserved too).

You’ll have a special gift to set back into motion projects which had been put on the back burner or which had become obsolete; you’ll be able to reinvent the wheel if you believe in yourself and keep your feet on the ground.

In your family, you’ll try to make others value your effort and financial input. To make your children understand that there’s no magic money tree. For this reason, there might be some misunderstandings or arguments when they ask to buy expensive items.


Your health will shine over the next few days, as several planets, the moon, in particular, will give you good health and protect you from external agents. The recovery from medical interventions will also be favoured.

You’ll be smart when it comes to fixing past mistakes, valuing your life lessons, putting things right before it’s too late.

When you notice heightened energy levels, use them to tackle the tasks you tend to postpone or to practice sports with friends or relatives.