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Your marital bliss is pretty much perfect, Venus smiles at you and protects your relationship.

Some words that describe what you’ll experience between the 15th and the 21st of April are the following: sensuality, complicity, tenderness and joie de vivre.

You’ll receive good news if you’re trying to expand your family, and this will be especially great since Saturn has recently created a very bright family atmosphere for you.

If you’re single, the Magic Horoscope does not see great loves for you this week, because your standards will be so high they’ll be impossible to meet.

You’ll reject mediocrity and frivolity, you’ll look for quality in your emotional relationships, but you’ll also be very generous.

Don’t think an ogre is taking over you this week, your heart isn’t frozen.

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This week will be very constructive, you’ll spend it doing things which are useful for your career.

Your communication skills will be good, and you’ll probably spend a fair amount of time discussing projects or negotiating a loan.

Luck will be on your side one way or another, but carrying your good luck charm with you anyway can’t hurt, can it?

With regards to money, you’ll have big expenditures and there will be plenty to do to improve your home.

Matters related to finances will make you anxious, and your current account balance will be engraved on your mind.

At times you’ll have to restrain yourself to avoid spending more than you should, but you’ll be able to get through it.


Pluto in a harmonic aspect will give Taurus excellent vital reflexes and a good ability to recover, especially if you’ve had muscular injuries or sprained joints.

You’ll be able to use your resources in a balanced way, and you’ll face certain matters you’d been putting off, since they require great physical effort.

Overall, you’ll be in great health, which could be spectacular if you took care of your diet.

Many Taurus have already started doing things about this, and it’ll be great if they keep going, without falling off the wagon.