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Having reached the middle of July, your relationship will have all the ingredients to be outstanding and fulfilling in the area of sex. The passion will be extremely strong!

You won’t allow routine or mediocrity in your life, you’ll want it to be full of surprises, for things to be constantly happening, and for there to be magic in the air.

It will also be good to recreate some of the moments that marked your relationship, to remind you of the times when you both felt butterflies in your tummies.

If you’re single and you’ve recently started thinking of love, be careful not to throw everything in the bin with your selfishness. It’s very important to take into account the other person’s wishes.

If you’re being sullen, you have to go out, take it as a mandate. Cupid won’t throw his arrows at you if you stay at home watching tv.

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Thanks to the support of several benevolent planets, you’ll give a great demonstration of your professional competence over the next few days. Let your adversaries tremble!

You’ll achieve your goals with incredible dexterity, in all (or nearly all) the tasks you’re assigned.

But it won’t all be fun and games: don’t be surprised if you don’t achieve all the profit you expected; you might have miscalculated.

As the days go by you’ll be overwhelmed by a certain financial routine, but you’ll have to accept that life can’t always be an emotional rollercoaster, Taurus.


From a physical point of view, the stars guarantee an excellent level of vitality, although there’ll also be other unexpected impacts which will wreak havoc on your rest or your nerves.

At times you’ll doubt your physical or mental ability to face certain challenges (which you’ll overcome) but this lack of self-confidence will make you defensive.

Go over your medical schedule, and try to keep all the paperwork you need for future interventions in order. Better to keep things tidy!

Lastly, don’t trust any seemingly miraculous medicines of dubious origin, they could do more harm than good. Be careful!