Taurus Horoscope Weekly
Your Taurus Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope


Your love life is quite quiet. If you’re single, you’ll ask yourself many questions to know what’s missing when it comes to finding your other half. And the interesting thing is that, in the end, you’ll find an answer that pleases you.

You’ll corroborate that a certain pattern keeps repeating in your relationships, and you’ll have to destroy it next time you notice it.

In your relationship you’ll have to be braver, especially to defend your home and relationship from outside attacks. Your other half asked for some breathing room and you’ve obliged, but now they might be abusing that freedom.

For this reason, Taurus, your jealousy will sky-rocket at times, and you’ll tell your partner which of the people he hangs out with you approve of, and which you're jealous of. They’ll accept it without problems, and they’ll change their behaviour because they don’t want to see you unhappy.



You know there’s a series of changes in the air, but you don’t know which will arrive soon and which will take some time to be established. Be that as it may, you like the fact that there’s movement because you’re bored of routine. It will be a small challenge.

Are you starting to work with new colleagues? Take this situation as a constant learning curve. Approaching those who have more years of experience to request their advice is the best (or fiercest) approach. When you approach the younger ones, try to catch their illusion and their desire to reach the goal.

This week you’ll also have to strike a deal with favours and connections. Give as much as you get, or lend a hand to those who need it, you’ll be repaid when you need it most.


To control your energy (which will lightly diminish for a few days) you should start a good treatment of vitamins and minerals, some supplement you can take with your breakfast to make up for anything that’s missing from your diet.

If you have a chance, gift yourself a good session at thermal baths or a stimulating massage, which will revitalize your body and morale. Don’t focus on what’s not working in your life, but rather, on the aspects that are going swimmingly.

A part of your body that might cause problems is your mouth, especially, if you’re aware that you have some cavities or a tooth that needs treatment.