Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your heart is happy. Good news will fill your heart, according to the weekly prediction, you’ll move your body and soul to achieve happiness and you’ll look for new projects to get involved in.

Your motto will be that if you stop moving you’ll become stagnant, and you’ll ask your partner to have another child together or to move to a new neighbourhood you like better for whichever reasons. It’s unlikely you’ll get a no, as you’ll be very decisive in your proposals, Taurus!

To make sure everything works properly, you’ll have to give others a chance to express themselves. Don’t try to monopolize every conversation; you don’t have to be the centre of attention all the time.

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The weekly prediction banks on your personal development, as you’ll have a very productive aura and you’ll be a magnet for investors or clients.

Financially, you’ll be alright, Taurus, you’ll find new skills that will allow you to tackle big chunks of your work with less effort. Your qualifications and experience are becoming very profitable, so don’t sell yourself for peanuts.

It’s a great time to handle important business deals. Work in the right direction to increase your popularity and make your name stand out amongst your colleagues.

Gastronomy will be your Achilles heel, and your desire to eat tasty treats could make you spend more money than you should at a restaurant. Be cautious, don’t get carried away by gluttony.


Each week you promise yourself to go to the gym and practice sports more often. The Magic Horoscope stars invite you, however, to do more outdoor activities.

Whenever you have a chance, take your bicycle and go for a ride to discover new parts of your city. The air will fill your lungs, and you’ll leave your bad vibes behind while you exercise.

You’ll accept the passage of time, and you’ll appreciate that your body is going through natural changes. Welcome this, and all the changes to come.