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The past comes back to life as if it were a film about zombies: an old love comes back to haunt you and destabilizes your emotions. This might put your partner on edge, with jealousy and arguments that shouldn’t be allowed to escalate.

You’ll prove to your other half or your suitor that your feelings are true, and you’ll even boast before your loved ones about how far your love can go.

However, there’ll be communication problems, especially if you’re single, and you won’t be able to reach the seventh heaven you were hoping to achieve. But this is no excuse to break some promises you’ve made in love.

Determination is everything, and you’ll be able to solve any problems, even if your inner compass leads you down the wrong path. Your intuition will be key to get you back on track, Taurus.

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Safe: that’s how your resources will be this week, at least generally speaking. If you look beyond what meets the eye, feelings will be the most valuable thing for you and you won’t have a strong attachment to material things.

Make the most of this wave to part with books and CDs that you no longer use, some of which were gifts from your loved ones. Make some room at home, which is always a good thing!

As the days go by you’ll receive news that will cheer you up, as what you thought was stuck or canceled (perhaps an old project that you were banking on) will resurface. You’ll be visibly tuned in to the universe, enjoy, Taurus.


It will be a good week for health checks. Any check ups, blood tests, or blood pressure measurements will be welcome. It’s always good to double check that you’re still in great health, or that you’re still improving after a rough patch!

Look after your skin, research what products are best for you, and try some which have activated charcoal, which will highlight your beauty.

When you sit down to eat forget all haste: don’t eat in a hurry, or eat with your eyes. Don’t take huge portions, eat only what you need.

The days you feel you’ve got a really high level of energy, make the most of it and go to the gym, without hesitation.