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Generally speaking, the balance that the Magic Horoscope foresees for you this week could be labelled as a reward, there’ll be lots of love and understanding.

You’ll be a bit needy, even if you’re too embarrassed to admit it; you’d give anything for more hugs and cuddles, you want to be pampered, and you’ll receive that affection you long for without needing to utter a single word, with a simple gesture your partner will understand what you need.

If you’re single, there will also be affection for you, but it might be something fleeting; the thing with that person you’ve been talking to won’t become something more. The sooner you accept that, the better.

Pay attention to your friends, someone has just suffered heartbreak and they need a shoulder to cry on; you’ll be their rock, you’ll listen to them, but don’t pity them, they won’t like it one bit.

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You’ll be very critical of your work; at times you’ll wonder whether they’re stuck in an old fashioned model, and they need revamping.

And perhaps you’re right; but unfortunately, Taurus, you won’t be able to change things all by yourself, but if you play it smart, you can present some innovative proposals to the powers that be.

You have to plant the seeds, make them see your worth, and prove that you’re up to date, someone they can bet on when the time comes for a promotion or a raise.

You’ll learn to have a more sustainable consumption, you won’t want to waste your money on unnecessary things, and you’ll lean towards environmentally friendly foods, even if that means paying a bit more for it.


You’ll have to make an exorcism of your past, let the ghosts come out, so they can leave you alone forever. Accept that you’ve been through things you didn’t like, but you can’t change the past.

A little day trip with your partner to somewhere surrounded by nature could do you the world of good and help you strengthen your bond will you make peace with yourself. There’s no need to go abroad!

Try to be more methodical in your health-related habits; you might be practicing sports incorrectly, and if you carry on like this, you will end up injuring yourself.