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You're not ready to just watch life go by and let others enjoy love while Cupid flies by with no intention of shooting his arrow at you whatsoever.

Thus, for the next seven days, the Magic Horoscope points out you'll do whatever you can (maybe even more, perhaps?) to place your bets on the curious game of love.

However, whatever you do should be sensible enough; acting crazy is not for you, at least if you want to turn out victorious in the end.

That honesty will fade from your head sometimes, and you might even make promises that you absolutely know you can't keep.

The key here is not to get into thorny pathways, because happiness won't wait at the end of the road there.


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You've done enough waiting, and that important sale (perhaps for estate property) will finally have a closed deal.

This will make you see yourselves with money you already knew was coming, but isn't coming right away, which you should use wisely.

Before you start daydreaming, make sure your accounts are doing well and pay off those minor debts you've had dripping into your mailbox here and way over there.

This won't be an easy week, and there'll be threats that put at risk not only your riches, but also your social status, the one that's taken years in the making to set.

Of course, you won't necessarily be harmed by those threats (you might even become stronger and more admirable), but one of the keys to make it happen should be to admit your weaknesses.

In the same way, don't brag about knowledge and attitudes you don't have, or you'll make yourselves look like fools.


At a first glance, your reflexes won't be the best they can be this week.

This isn't a big issue, really. You should only be worried if you do full-contact sport, such as wrestling or certain martial arts.

That's when you could have quite a serious injury because of the lack of reflexes we've already mentioned.

In fact, you should just stick to home workouts, with simple actions that require a good dose of effort.

In the same way, find the strength you need to quit smoking once and for all, and always choose the stairs over elevators.