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If there’s trouble with your partner, know there’s no reason to raise your voice (and even less reason to yell).

This week, to alleviate any tensions that might arise, why don’t you take the time to prepare a nice dinner or a nice weekend away for the two of you, alone?

To harmonize your interactions you’ll need a bit of practice, don’t it’s all magically going to happen spontaneously.

If you’re single, little by little a bright future begins to appear, where you’ll find the piece that was missing from your broken heart.

Perhaps you present a cold exterior, saying you’re happy on your own, but somewhere deep inside you know that you have to be ready to find your soulmate, Taurus.

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You’ll have the ability to navigate any storm skillfully and without losing your calm. You’ll move forward with a firm step, and if you have any weaknesses, no one will notice them.

It would be a good idea to focus on the areas which are different from the ones you usually work on, to diversify your way or making a living, and making money.

Towards the end of the week, there’ll be opportunities for changing jobs in your sky, new offers which will make you think long and hard about what to do.

Just keep one thing in mind: if you want to take on new responsibilities, you’ll have to let go of others, which you probably like a lot. Are you willing to make that sacrifice?


You’ll be in a particularly good mood and this will help you feel better if you have any kind of problems or discomforts.

The priority for you this week has to be resting and making the most of your days of rest to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

When you find yourself roped into a spiral of bad vibes, seek refuge in your family and friends, it will bring you great comfort, and it’s a thousand times more potent than any ancestral talisman.

Interactions with very spiritual people will allow you to open your mind to stimuli you never knew existed, and by working on developing them you’ll find a good balance.

It would also be good if you could keep an eye on any allergies you have; they could be the cause behind your coughing and sneezing.