Taurus Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The sign of happiness is engraved, on a global level, in your relationship. The impact of a triad of planets makes you set things in motion to make things better for the two of you. You’ll even be able to easily remove that which bothers you in your relationship (for example, the presence of people who are constantly trying to meddle in your affairs).

Relationships become stronger, positive energy is all around, and those family members who have drifted apart will be able to become close once more. You’ll be a good mediator in the conflict between siblings.

If you’re single, you can cheer up, even if you recently suffered disillusionment or a complicated moment of loneliness. The Taurus optimism will allow you to project your power of seduction and enjoy beautiful encounters.

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Given this week’s astral configuration, try to reduce your expenses as much as possible, buy only the bare necessities. Above all, avoid speculation and risky financial transactions. Moderate your taste for danger, nothing good can come of it, Taurus.

If you’re a business person, the time has come to research new markets and develop ways to work which save you time and money. Get more information to learn about new and innovative perspectives, which will be useful in the near future. This way you’ll be able to expand more calmly.

Likewise, reading and attending conferences will open your mind to new areas of interest, delving deep into unusual contexts.


Your mood might not be as relaxed as you’d wish, but that doesn’t mean you’ll stumble over your own feet. Generally speaking, you won’t have any major health problems, nor will you have to cancel events to stay home resting or recovering.

If you’ve always been in good shape, you can allow yourself some slips this week (which you’ll then have to make up for, either at the gym or by staying on top of your diet).

Embrace age-appropriate sports activities, and don’t be as sedentary as you have been of late. Accept that time goes by, and now you see things from a more mature perspective.