Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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The thing you need to focus on the most in your relationship this week is teamwork, and receiving as much as you give. Naturally, theory is a lot easier than practice.

You think you’ve got problems, try to take a step back and look at things from a distance, it’ll help you realise the obstacles in your way aren’t that great. It’s about being dynamic, love isn’t something rigid and mechanical.

Small gestures, caresses, hugs, will open many doors, and melt even the coldest hearts. If you’re single you’ll even ask yourself if you’ve fallen in love with someone who has a rock in place of a heart.

Be strong, don’t lose your sense of humour, it’s your greatest asset, Taurus.


With Mars’s strong presence on your money, your time will be filled with ambition and a desire to grow at all costs: to pass your exams if you’re a student, to increase your rank and have a more important position at work, a desire to start your own venture, among others.

In this respect the Magic Horoscope will help you skillfully combine caution and daring, helping you be more self-confident.

Your desire to expand your wings and shine can be very positive if you manage it correctly; although for some, a minority, this can cause delays, make you work overtime and other sorts of problems related to your schedule.


Unexpected and incomprehensible wastes of energy will force you to take things easy, or you’ll break down, Taurus.

As a person you’ll be determined to eliminate that which is superfluous, to keep the more spiritual things which life has to offer, without pauses and without haste. You won’t need to take out your machete to clear your path among the undergrowth, stay calm in that respect.

Don’t forget to look after your appearance, to look towards your best possible image. Perhaps you should be brave and have a complete and radical makeover, would you dare?

Other than this, your body will cope well with the passage of time, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest whenever you have the chance.