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At certain points you'll find yourselves lost in love, trying to find a magic key that opens the doors of your relationship, filling your dread with magic and minimising whatever flaws there could be to your bond.

Of course, you're well aware that there's no magic button for that; you're the ones who have to work hard to make stars shine bright like diamonds.

At least the stars won't be on a bad side; there won't be any extra stones blocking your path from them.

In order to find a partner if you're single, the key for you is to slow down and quit speeding through the dating world, because if you rush all you'll do is crash against a brick wall.

Relationships need to be cared for and nurtured slowly, because if the fire is stronger than it needs to be, you could be easily burned out too soon.


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Your money will do great when saying goodbye to February. It wasn't exactly a magnificent month, was it now?

As March leans in closer, you'll see new ideas sparking up, and with their light you'll understand some of the mistakes you made, but didn't consider important.

Thus, you'll start doing things the right way, to keep your numbers straight, and if you're delayed, you'll be fully aware of it.

You won't forget about pending payments or anything of the sort; you'll be quite agile, and that'll be pretty handy when some bills don't come around overcharged because you didn't fulfill obligations on time.

Younger Taureans will also see their careers skyrocketing these days, and in some cases, will even outshine other veteran, more expert workmates.

Your potential will shine like the sun, and you'll know how to control it and dose it down, because you were born for success and you know it, even if you're modest enough to pretend you weren't.


To make your health and sense of humour bright and perfect in the next few days, you need sunlight to fill you up.

Try to always have raised blinds, let the sunlight in through your office window, and if that's your wake-up call instead of a blaring alarm clock, that's even better!

Even though sport is a very positive thing for you, you should keep in mind your current physical abilities; if you do high-performance sport, you might end up injured.